Massive Spam Run Propagates Critical Fuclip Trojan


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ESET is issuing an advisory regarding a Trojan horse backdoor program that is being sent through email as an attachment. Through the VirusRadar™ component of their ThreatSense.Net™ malware telemetry system, ESET's Threat Center has witnessed a high saturation of the Win32/Fuclip.B Trojan, which was enclosed with as much as 23% of email messages sent between 7:00AM and 9:00PM Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) on January 20th, 2007.

Once infected by this Trojan, a PC becomes part of a botnet and can be remotely-controlled by the botnet's operator or "herder." The Trojan also makes use of stealth (rootkit) techniques to mask its presence on affected computers.

ESET's customers have been protected against the Win32/Fuclip.B Trojan since about 2:35AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) on January 20th.

Read more about Win32/Fuclip.B Trojan from our Director of Technical Education, Randy Abrams.

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